Snug Harbor Sailing News September 1st 2020

Fall is Sailing (and Racing) Time!
After being a bit dazed by summer heat, spotty winds and the doldrums of being stuck at home this year, Fall makes a sailor’s pulse quicken. Fall means cooler temperatures, better winds and the return of weekend racing all sweetened with football (we hope), pumpkins and approaching holiday celebrations. In the South, it is hard to beat Fall and Spring for prime sailing weather (there are plenty of good days during the winter as well). The racing fleet managed to get in a good series of Wednesday night races over the summer and weekend racing is back. Even if you are a cruiser, fall is one of the best times to get the sails up and enjoy the lake. This month we highlight a few boats with serious racing and fun potential.
Finot’s Open 6.50 is all about speed through, or mostly planing over, the water. Designed by Finot Groupe, this 2008 boat is built of pre-peg carbon fiber using their “autostruct” process allowing the hull to be formed as one piece. Its’ carbon fiber mast is light weight and with 43% ballast in the retracting keel it can carry a lot of sail. It has one of the highest sail area/displacement ratios in its class, exudes horsepower and planes with ease. It is the sport boat of choice for some of the world’s most accomplished sailors and is an absolute scream to sail. The boat will probably have to race PHRF in the USA and is in like new condition having only been raced about 10 times. Your competitors will come to know her as that bright red/orange dot way out front.
The Mini Transat 650 is a semi-annual solo transatlantic yacht race from France to Martinique in the Caribbean in 21 foot sailing machines
This race is sanctioned by “Classe Mini” and covers over 4,000 miles, usually with a stop in the Madeira or the Canary Islands. The race runs on odd-numbered years, most recently in 2019. In addition to the single-handed transatlantic crossing there are double-handed events, the Mini Fastnet, Mini Barcelona, Select 650 and Open Demi-Cle.
The boats are light and trailer-able even behind smaller vehicles. They are very fast, easily planing, with maximum speeds of production division boats around 16-18 knots. Prototype division boats achieve speeds of 25+ knots. While sailors compete to win, they are also very supportive of each other as the race is considered dangerous and the boats tend to be closely grouped during the race. Just completing the race is seen as a victory. If you have a hankering for real adventure and a serious test of your endurance (sailors usually sleep for 20 minutes at a time during the race) and sailing skill, the Mini Transat is a serious option and we may just have the perfect boat for you.
The 2008 Mini Transat 650 is a one-owner boat, custom ordered, in like new condition. It was very lightly dry-sailed in fresh water most of its life. The “Tip Top” design is a production division Mini 650, a little less extreme and a lot less costly than pure racing machines of the prototype division. The inside was always constantly air-conditioned during storage, and has had zero mildew. The boat was never raced, never chartered. It is built like a tank (the cabin becomes a water tight refuge in an emergency) but very light at the same time. It is ready to be towed anywhere, dropped into water and sailed to the other side of an ocean if you wish, club-raced on your local lake, or just enjoyed as a very fast although spartan grand-cruising boat. Just add food, water, enthusiasm, and some personal safety equipment. Sign up for the Mini Transat race in 2021 if you want some extreme excitement.
It’s easy to observe social distancing while buying or selling a boat
Visit and check out our brokerage listings online. You’ll find lots of photographs and detailed descriptions of more than 40 sailboats of all sizes and price points currently available. If you see one or more that you like, call us at 770 831 0403 for more information and make an appointment to look at them. We’ll drive separately to the boat and maintain social distance while you look. If you have a boat you are not using and want to eliminate the expense of ownership, give us a call and list your boat with us. Virtually all of the paperwork required to buy or sell a boat can be completed at a distance.
The 23 foot J/70 Speedster is a ramp launch-able keelboat and high performance one-design that’s fast and fun to sail, yet able to handle the entire family for a day on the water. The boat’s name “Geronimo” really sums up the spirit of this boat. While not quite as extreme as the Finot Open 6.50 or designed to cross an ocean like the Mini Transat, “Geronimo” is a BLAST to sail and can be raced in class or PHRF. The J/70 has become the largest sport boat class in the world with 1500+ boats sailing in 25+ countries. It is easy to tow, rig, launch and sail. She has top quality hardware, a feather light helm and outstanding stability. The J/70 is both exciting and forgiving. The small cuddy cabin provides plenty of storage and room to take a nap or get out of the weather. The J 70 is a great all around boat that is both racer and family friendly. She is in excellent condition and ready to go.
If racing just isn’t your thing and you long for a pleasant daysail with a picnic basket and a few friends, we just took delivery of a brand new 2021 Com-Pac Suncat. She is absolutely beautiful with her custom red hull and tan canvas – perfect for that friendly daysail. She can handle the chop and sails really well. Come by the office and check her out!