The Sail Loft of Lake Lanier Georgia








Specializes in sail repair for all brands and types to cover your Racing, Cruising or Recreational needs. The Sail Loft works hard to meet the needs of every sailor including the budget-minded. Featuring only the highest quality products available- they are agents for North Sails, FX Sails, Harken, Profurl, and others. The Sail Loft is prepared to deliver the kind of sailing performance you deserve and respect.

The Sail Loft is located on Peachtree Industrial Blvd, which is also known as McEver Road. Our shop serves the local sailing and boating community around Lake Lanier as well as the Buford, Flowery Branch, and Atlanta, Georgia areas. Local or Nationwide, call us for all your sail and canvas needs.

The Sail Loft has been recognized for their extraordinary Canvas work. From boat and sail covers to biminis and dodgers, the canvas shop will create a product custom fit for your boat. Only the highest grade Sunbrella is used to ensure the highest levels of protection and durability.


Roller Furlers by Harken, Profurl, Schaefer and Others

We will work with you and make recommendations as to the best furling system for your needs. Whether it be for racing or cruising.

Function, boat size, and personal preference matter in the choosing of a system for your boat. Let us help in the decision process along with the appropriate sails for your boat.


Sail Recut and Repair Services

Properly maintained sails will provide many years of sailing enjoyment. However, like people, sails will start to get old, tattered, and lose their shape over time. This leads to sluggish performance which neither the racing nor cruising skipper needs. It can mean the difference between winning a race or picking up the best mooring ball at an anchorage.

The Sail Loft can help replace some of that lost performance. A re-cut can help restore a sail’s proper shape and drive.

The Sun, as beautiful as it can be, is your sail’s primary enemy. If not properly protected, the sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays will deteriorate your sails, shorting their life expectancy considerably. The Sail Loft repair shop can help. Our staff can repair many types of UV damage. But why wait until you need repairs, we can help prevent damage in the first place meaning a much more cost-effective sail in the long run.

Contact Dan Kingery at 770-945-2800.